Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Random Acts of Art

There is a movement gaining followers to spread gifts of art, free, to enrich the world.  These are paintings, carvings, crafts creations, and other items. Some even establish art that the passerby's can add to and become part of the creative process.  A note usually is attached stating : This is an Act of Art: Free to Anyone!
They are being left for the homeless populations, in city parks, along hiking trails and just about anyplace anyone can think of...  So far there have been no stories of cities cracking down on these small enriching and beautifying graces.
What is the purpose of art?  Why do people create?  A small group of artisans in these acts rebel against the premise that for art to be art it must be sold, a price tag must be attached, and worth based on how much someone is willing to pay to validate their work.
Isn't lovely how this type of action is also spiritually rich?  Like the hidden moments when we, in the middle of the hurry suddenly come upon a lovely flower or a sunset that takes the breath from the body it is so impressive. Small gifts; the flowers springing up in color and daring from the cracks in a neglected sea of concrete as if to proclaim the things that matter survive and, despite the negative surroundings, they can even thrive!

Isn't that the vision artists want to share? That despite the bad things in life, despite the struggles, the pains, and the hurts of life - there is beauty to be found.  Beauty becomes the fountain of refreshing water in a desert of soul destroying civilization.

It is free as well: a message that shoves back at the shadows with gifts of grace and hope, "An Act of Art; Free to Anyone!"

--M.A. Hudson, 2015

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Creative and Contemplative