Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Dependent Artist

Artistic and creative types often need the energy that is found in having a supportive network. The ability of talking about creativity, thinking out new ideas, and getting supportive or challenging feedback is often crucial to the process of the artist.  There are those who like to get energized and then go off into isolation to actually create; rather like putting gas in a tank and driving off to see the sights alone. Once the "tank" or the creative well is low or empty there is a need to "re-connect". 
Creative types can be a bit of challenge in a work force or in relationships.  They tend to march to a different drummer, they are innovatively messy, and sometimes have problems paying attention to a job or a person.
Understanding who you are as a creative person and then helping others close to you understand can be a hurdle.  Isolation to create may be seen as a non-desire to spend time with a significant other.  There can be feelings of guilt raised as an attempt is made to balance the two activities. 
Some people who are involved in artistic activities are more left brained in their approach. They can schedule time and plan their activities to fit that schedule.   They balance time, jobs, relationships and other occupations with ease.
Finding out who you are as a creative individual means then finding a working plan for your own relationships, demands, and necessary activities.  Invite those close to you to be part of the time but do not be bothered if they decide to do something else. Any good friendships or relationships will always benefit from times together and from times apart. That is the balance and as long as the importance of the relationships are clearly shown, most can come to terms with the odd quirks of living with or knowing a creative individual.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Bottom of the Jar

Jar in Window. M.A.Hudson, 2014
Light is an important element in painting and in photography. Light changes over the course of time allowing very different images to emerge as the tones, hues, and shadows shift as the sun moves over and past an object.
In the quiet of an early November morning, as a sluggish sun was rising over the trees, this bottle caught my eye. Some of the items in it blocked the sun, some allowed a mere promise of light to shine through and others, near the bottom of the jar, glowed warmly like small fires waiting to ignite the entire contents.
Life can be a lot like that jar and we find ourselves surrounded by those events or people who block out all of the light. They keep out the warmth, the positive, and energy needed to sustain life.  Others may allow a small trickle to pass through them and may miserly share that promise of light and warmth. 
A few, sometimes almost too few, glow with a fiery core that says "just wait" is not all cold and empty, it is not all simply negative and positive, it is not simply have and have not, it is more than you can know...  They simmer there, near the bottom of the jar, to be a prize for endurance, patience, and hope. 
In the dark, they cannot be seen, but when the day dawns their inner fire stirs to life.  Just the light....and look for the fire at the bottom of the jar. (M.A.Hudson, 2014)

The Creative Urge: A Renaissance of the Spiritual Artist

In the north central Missouri city of Columbia art is being used as a path to introducing art and the Gospel to people of many backgrounds.
At the 100 year old Wilkes Avenue United Methodist Church, now known as "The Church at Wilkes and Seventh," the artistic is being used as way to help people - homed, homeless, confused, searching, timid, and brave - to respond to the creative urge.  Along the way, they hear the Gospel, they learn and experience the love God through loving and accepting people.
The "Gospel Art" program has a goal of guiding people in creating visual arts to honor God.  Painting, drawing, sewing, crafting, and other mediums are available.  It is a remarkable, inspiring and spiritually exciting ministry that brings healing and wholeness to the walking creations all around them.
Since humans were created in the image of a creative God, what is more natural than to have an urge to create?  The current renaissance of the artistic and the spiritual is a positive and very hopeful development. Michelangelo, the great master artist of the Italian Renaissance, said: "The true work of art is but the shadow of the Divine Perfection."  In another way, one might say that since the God who formed us was  creative when we create ourselves, or enjoy something an artist has created, we are merely seeking to reunite with the Creator God who formed us, blessed us, and still loves us.  
When we hear a lovely melody, when we see the lovely colors of nature, when we read the poems of life's journey on the faces of people and when we strive to bring some small bit of the good, the positive, and love filled into the world we are experiencing that creative urge in our DNA awakening. It is like the child lifting its eager face at the sound of the loving call of a Parent.


Creative and Contemplative

Creative and Contemplative